My name is Kiki Volkers. I’m from the southern part of the Netherlands. Born in 2001.

My love for designing and creating clothes began when I was eight years old. After secondary school I chose to do the vocational study in Fashion and Design at the Koning Willem 1 College, which is in Den Bosch. 

I have a fondness for music and art, I love to travel and I’m interested in discovering other cultures. Visiting musea and admiring architecture is another thing I like.

I consider myself a social person, but I do need personal space every now and then to evolve and develop on a personal level and to let my creativity flow freely. Finally, awareness when it comes to producing clothes and food in a sustainable and humane way for man as well as animal are something I strongly believe in. 


The most important reason is to develop on a personal level. Aside from that, I would love to be able to speak three languages fluently and, in my opinion, there are different ways to achieve that. One could be working as an au pair, or find a way to get into a fashion learning environment within certain creative companies. A possibility for the future might be the HBO Fashion Design study. 

I would love to get a chance to show my vision through an haute couture clothing line or have my own brand. 


Alongside enough experience in working with Illustrator, my talents lie in manual labour, sewing, thinking in 3D and converting a pattern into a piece of clothing. My process of thought is quick and I work fast. I’m quite capable when it comes to drawing patterns and I am in possession of a Detex certificate.


Experience (The Netherlands)
– Internship at Gerlon ‘The Fashion Hits Factory’ in Uden 
– Social voluntary work at youth Centre De Wissel in Mill

– Two-day fashion event with a runway show in Modefabriek Veghel

– Stylist for Spacemodels.nl